Love And Hip Hop’s “Tara Wallace” On The Breakfast Club



Tara, Peter Gunz long suffering baby mama stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to dish about finding out certain things she didn’t know before the show. ┬áBut from what I recall he cheated on his first baby mother with Tara, so as the saying goes, you lose them how you get them.

Cliff Notes:

-Tara is no longer with Peter, but they’re co-parenting.

-Says she found out about Peter and Amina’s relationship on the show.

-Met Peter in 2001 when she was in Graduate School, became friends with benefits.

-Didn’t know that Peter was in a relationship when she met him.

-Her brothers wants to beat Peter’s ass.

-Admits to using L&HH NY as a platform.

-She never wanted to Marry Peter.

-Amina is a great songwriter.

-Says she doesn’t hate Amina.

-She told Peter to wash his feet when he walked in the house.

She deserves a major side-eye right about now….”didn’t know he was in a relationship when they got together”…most women do know, they just PRETEND that they don’t know….so I guess this little situation with Amina is karma then. Interesting.

Any relationship that begins as “friends with benefits” is never going to work. Period.

  • Coffy Brown

    I don’t know just like Yandy said they’re only teo types of side-ho’s – the ones who dont give a fuck and the ones to stupid to know – I love Tara –

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye’m soooo sick uf these useless chicks on reality shows trynna b-sumthing

  • mb

    What platform does she have? Is she trying to become an actress? Like I said before, that reality show stardom is fleeting and the chances of building an empire is zero. I hope she has a real job to support herself and her children.