“Louisiana Governor Asks Obama to Stay Away, Trump Shows Up For Photo -op Anyway”

“Louisiana Governor Asks Obama to Stay Away, Trump Shows Up For Photo -op Anyway”

This past week, President Obama has been criticized by many for what is seen as his total indifference to the dire situation currently happening in Louisiana. Many see this as continued proof that Obama has “never cared” about his own people, and that he prefers to golf rather than to cut his annual summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard short.

However, Governor, John Bel Edwards (D), stated publicly that he asked Obama to stay away, citing the drain on resources that a presidential visit demands and that he would prefer to devote to flood relief.
The governor’s office suggested Trump donate to flood relief also rather than show up for the same reasons. “We welcome him to [Louisiana] but not for a photo-op,” an Edwards spokesman said in a statement. Edwards’ request may have contributed to the Trump campaign keeping the visit by him and running mate Mike Pence relatively quiet. The campaign had publicly released no details, and Edwards’ office said that as of Thursday night, Trump hadn’t called them to say he was headed to the state. Which begs the question, why was Trump there if he was asked to stay away? And by the way, the picture currently circulating in the media of Obama playing golf was taken two weeks ago!


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