Lindsay Lohan Get Goons To Beat Up Paris Hilton’s Brother


I thought Lindsay was trying to get her life together? Paris Hilton’s little brother Barron Hilton was jumped this morning — and beaten  and he claims Lindsay Lohan masterminded the attack.


We know Lindsay’s denying she ordered the hit in fact, she claims she wasn’t even on the scene at the time of the incident  but now a video   proves otherwise. It shows Barron (blonde hair, white shirt) and his friends confronting LiLo right after the fight.

They say during the party, someone accused Barron of talking smack about Lindsay — and a short time later he was attacked and beaten to a pulp.

According to Barron he spoke with police following the incident claiming Lilo orchestrated the beating.

Barron tells cops Lindsay approached him at the party with a male friend and began screaming, “‘You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.”

As the guy proceeded to pummel Barron, Hilton claims Lindsay was laughing and egging him on.

Cops were called to the scene and interviewed Barron. We’re told Barron doesn’t know the identity of his attacker but is adamant Lindsay is the person behind the attack.

Michael claims there are several witnesses including security guards who will back up Lindsay’s alibi.

Michael says Lindsay was adamant she didn’t want to be around any trouble … i.e. drugs, alcohol, violence … and even had people removed from the house before the fight ever went down.

Lindsay’s had bad blood with the Hiltons for years stemming back to when Paris’ friend Brandon Davis went on the infamous “firecrotch” rant back in 2006.

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