Lindsay Lohan Calls Jennifer Lawrence Fake and That She Sleep’s Around For Movie Roles


I haven’t been watching Lindsay’s docu-series on Own, but I hear that she has been dropping alot of bombs lately and it seems that she is a bit embarrassed once her sex list surfaced for everyone to see…..

During an interview  the troubled actress said that the sex list was “not only humiliating but was also just mean.”  Then after that she decided to come for Jennifer Lawrence, America’s newest sweet heart.

During an interview with Kode Magazine, the 27-year old did not fail to generate public drama when she accused Jennifer of sleeping around in order to get movie roles. The article states:

“She saunters off into the opposite side of the room as the conversation then moves to America’s current sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence. Her feeling towards her infamous stumble at the ceremony’s red carpet is pretty evident. “She’s so fake and I’m sorry I’m not going to f*ck for roles.”

I mean this is no surprise and has been speculated for a long time about Jlaw being a possible casting couch concubine, but Lindsay is now coming off as bitter, upset and she has no one to blame but herself.  At least Jennifer’s alleged sexing  resulted in a decent portfolio with an Oscar and Golden Globe to boot……  

Once again the pot calling the kettle black, Lindsay may not have sex for roles, but she does it for other things.. Drugs, Shoes, Clothes, ETC….. I need for Lindsay to figure out how she can continue to stay sober…. People love blaming others, instead of looking at themselves…… lol…


4 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Calls Jennifer Lawrence Fake and That She Sleep’s Around For Movie Roles

  1. And what exactly did Lindsay Lohan sleep around for? That’s a better question, movie roles would have been better than ________ .

  2. Lindsay is lying about having a miscarriage. She likes to play victim and I just don’t believe she was pregnant. She loves sympathy.

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