Lil Wayne Threatens to Sue Cash Money if His Album is Not Released ‘PRONTO’


Lil Wayne is no longer playing with Birdman and his shenanigans as Joselyn would say it, he is ready to take his feud with Birdman to the next level … threatening to drag him and Cash Money into court if they don’t drop his album NOW.

Wayne has issued a simple ultimatum, in writing, no less — release “Tha Carter V” pronto … or he will sue to leave Cash Money altogether.

According to TMZ: We’re told Wayne is standing firm in his belief the album is ready to go — but Birdman still says there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work left to be done.

Wayne and Birdman still aren’t speaking to each other. We’re told Wayne is only focused on the album. When and if that gets done, he’ll worry about fixing the friendship … if that’s even possible now.

BG and Juvenile tried to save Wayne, but he didn’t want to listen…. See where loyalty gets you?