Lil Mo Tries to Throw Shade at Prince, didn’t end well…….Dont mess with the Purple one

Ok we are talking about a legend, what would make Lil Mo B-more’s finest try her luck with Prince and his fans??? Over the weekend in NOLA at Essence’s 20th Anniversary music festival Lil Mo was not allowed to use the restroom backstage because legendary Prince was being escorted on stage…instead of waiting for the calm to clear Lil Mo took to instagram to start throwing shade……(I understand your frustration with NOLA police being aggressive, however its levels to this game…..)

And it did not end well for Lil Mo….
Fans went in being as disrespectful as you can imagine.

Complex &   LoveBScott

Lil Mo took to Instagram to express her displeasure with having to wait for Prince to make his way to the stage before she was allowed to use the restroom — despite her having a VIP pass.

She posted a photo of a note, which read:

the muthaFUCKIN NOLA police just tried me and @dynamiteKO we had VIP passes to meander the whole superdome dude talmbout “we gotta hold the walk through cuz PRINCE coming through the back” bitch wtf. i don’t want to see him. i had to PEE. this industry shit is CRAZY. embody think they not human!! mannnnn…I’m GONE

The note was accompanied by an equally as angry caption:

yall have NO idea how these celebs be actin. and I’m not gonna eem bother they ass. i had to pee I’m real life. i was pushed in my stomach cuz somebody was coming through. i just want to sing and take care of MY family. fcuk all this EXTRA unnecessary shit dawg

His fans went in:

“No wonder you’re struggling to take care of your kids, look how nasty your attitude is! You’re a royal bitch and very disrespectful. Prince could teach you a few things! Sit that nasty ass attitude down and take notes, hater.”



  • Real Entertainment News

    I really sleep on this story guys. I had the instagram screenshot 5 minutes after she posted it lol. I am sick right now.

  • Nicola Gossips

    Lil Mo is such a mess. I’m shocked she has enough followers for someone to have read that Instagram post.

  • Meiqua Yushundra

    I’m seriously bout sick of Lil’ Mo and all her shenanigans. It’s not like people even really remembered her until R&B Divas LA.. Ummmmmkay!

  • Need Culture

    Mo’ knew better, you CAN NOT drag a legend on social and get away with it.

  • mb

    Lil Mo is so extra that it is annoying. I use to follow her on IG, I had to stop.