Lil Mo’ Talks Putting On For The Cameras, Being The Hood Kim Kardashian & Planning to Marry Her New Boxer Boo ?


A couple of weeks ago we told you how Lil Mo’ has a new man in her life, who is a boxer from Philly name Karl Dargan who is almost seven years her junior  and no one knew what truly happened with her relationship with her husband….  She gave her explanation to Philly’s Hot 107.9.. Check it out inside.

Lil Mo’ Says:

“There was a certain image I wanted to maintain and that’s the face of family because I believe in that,” Lil Mo recently told Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 radio station. “The image that I put out there, I’ll maintain it until the season is over.”

I’m like the hood Kim Kardashian and the ratchet Elizabeth Taylor. I’ll get married 10 times because I always believe in love. I’m not going to just be his girl; we’re going to get married,” she said.

I guess birds never truly out grow their ratchet feathers? The fact that you can be proud of being the “GHETTO KIM KARDASHIAN and Ratchet “ELIZABETH TAYLOR” speaks volumes…

I just don’t understand woman like this.. You usually grow out of phases like this, but this just proves my theory that some people will just never get it and she is one of them.. I mean she has a child that is two years old…. You already under neath another man? Girl!! Desperation is real….. Of course we will see her new romance with her new man on R&B Divas LA….. Stay tuned..



  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye don’t think anyone cares about her

  • Coffy Brown

    Lmfao – I love Mo – but this interview is ratchet as hell – And he is already gonna be taking the place of her husband on Divas LA – you have got to be kidding me!?! – To eachit’s own – Beliveing in love doesnt mean you have to look like like, act, and be that bitch – and got the nerve to call her the Gospel Artisit! I cant

  • Gigi

    Just wasted talent.

  • mb

    Now this will all play out on a new season of R&B Divas? I wonder if this new man of hers is looking for attention.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      @MB I think he is looking for attention and she is vulnerable and an easy come up… LOL