Lil Mo’ Calls Dawn of En vogue a Cowardly Lion



Since the show R&B Divas has made it’s debut you can honestly say there hasn’t been too much drama, besides Kelly Price getting all in her feeling about Chante taking over her project. Lil Mo’

Lil Mo said about former EnVogue singer Dawn Robinson. “You supposed to be leading us to the water. You supposed to lead us to the Red Sea and get us to the Promised Land. I’m out here with four kids and helping you get your $#!t.”

Lil Mo referred to incidents on the show in which Dawn seemed to rely heavily on Kelly Price. Fans of the series have likely noted the cast members’ division that resulted after Kelly hired one director to work on the ladies’ project, while Mo and Chante Moore had already approved another.  After seeing how Dawn operates within a group, Mo suggested that her personality might have something to do with her departure from the ‘90s ensemble.

“That’s why you probably got kicked out of the group. No shade,” she said on “The Breakfast Club” radio show. “Now, I see why they X’d her out.”

Mo and Dawn haven’t had a one-on-one confrontation on the show yet, but according to next week’s preview, one is on the way.

Check out the first three minutes of the next episode. Watch.



  • Coffy Brown

    I love those ladies – But Kelly done lost her rabbit ass mind! I used to respect her so much until I saw the real Kelly! Smh

  • Venessa Thomas

    I need to watch this show

  • Meiqua

    They need to quit!