Lebron James Side Piece Hurt Over Break Up….



This would possibly explain Savannah not being with the team at the White House the other day, I swear the stories of these side pieces are becoming ridiculous… Apparently Lebron was seeing a woman who was a waitress in Miami and in the beginning it was a random hook up, but after a while they started getting close and feelings started to surface. The waitress came up, because she was able to quit her job and he funded her lifestyle and paid her bills and everything… All of this while engaged and married… But now she is heartbroken… The Dwyane Wade situation got him shook…… Check out the letter inside…

Disclaimer: These are all allegations and we can not confirm 100% accuracy of this or any story posted.

*before I begun I am not putting homegirl out there.I ain’t linking instagram, alluding to an instagram game or nothing. She happens to be in my friends circle i do not know her like that. but she has her receipts.

Cutting all the intro bs.I heard this from the side chick who is one of those Miami girls who frequent clubs and date athletes and musicians. I don’t know the girl like that, but one of my good friends is friends with her and they club together and what not. but i got to hear this story cause she couldn’t shut up about her depression and heartbreak.

Anyways in lieu of D.Wade -Gabby scandal I thought it might be fitting to say. ya’ll can take this with a grain of salt or however. anyways around the way in Miami Lebron is messing with this spanish girl who is a “former” waitress (she might have to go back to that sheeit now that their relationship is on the rocks) (and yes while he was engaged and as he is currently married he was messing with this girl. BiG SURPRiSE). he has been sponsoring the girl for a while now.

The relationship started out as a fling kind of thing like he would hit home girl up randomly. but then over time they begun to see each other more and more. Next thing he telling the girl how he is really feeling her so much that the chick is going to certain events with him in the cut and sitting at games. he even foots the bill for vip sometimes when her and her friends go out so i am guessing she is a kept chick. anyways, before the whole Dwade baby became public Lebron was distancing himself from home girl and making excuses as to why he can’t see her.

Now i would think because he was married and want to work on his life with his wife. but nah when she confronted him about how he has been acting he basically told her that it is time to call off the relationship thing cause they were getting “too serious” and flat out told her he is not leaving his now wife.

DUH, the woman has been there through all his bullsheeit. anyways, home girl is DEVASTATED .He did say he would keep in touch with her and help her out til’ she got herself together (pay her bills and ish i guess. but ultimately to shut her ass up). She claims that with the now DWADE scandal Lebron has become scared and maybe that is the reason why he left her ass in the dust. She then goes on to say if he hadn’t cut her off the way he did she wouldn’t have never thought about exposing him.

But now she is all heartbroken and whatever she feels like she should just put him on blast because he made her believe that she and him would be together. (i gave her the most wtf look at this point). her friends are encouraging her to put him out there and she seems like she really is going to do it because the way they were talking they were filling up this girl head with the fantasy of a side chick. telling her she could make money off this and she might as well do it because she is just going to go back to waiting tables. and what is she going to do when he stops giving her money. I don’t know if she really will out him but this is all i got for now.
For some reason i really thought Lebron was different i mean damn him and his wife been together for so long. but turns out he just another one. Then he gets caught trying to get a girls number while at the white house….




I was just rooting for Lebron after that touching essay about his mother…


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  • Coffy Brown

    Damn – why are the outing – hunny that is not gonna make him leave his main chick/wife for you – that is just making your ass look even stupider than you were for even thinking it would go somehwere – These hoes be actin up!

  • Venessa Thomas


  • Carring3452

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  • Gigi

    2013 – 2014 is now labeled the side chick years.

  • mb

    On a side note, I thought this story was going to be about Lebron and Carmen Ortega. Carmen Ortega is a well known professional escort and she came out a couple of months ago talking about her relationship with Lebron. Carmen doesn’t live in Miami, she currently lives in Los Angeles. She is from Florida and use to strip at Tootsies back in the day. Lebron has always been a cheater, you’d think he would’ve stopped once he tied the knot.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      But see one thing about Men that cheat like that @MB unless he is being challenged, he will never stop… and Savannah is winning financially, but losing emotionally. Because she is accepting that, then he will continue.. Now that they are married it is only going to get worse….

  • mb

    Side chicks, mistresses, etc know their role and this woman knew hers. Now she wants to put on him blast for what? These men have so much to lose dealing with mistresses, they better wake up!!

    • Nic

      Right! These women are getting smarter! Is it so bad to mess with a woman who has some sense??

      • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

        That would be too much like right… They have to be able to get away with something and play the role! It seems being Naive and aloof is the way…

  • Nic

    Men LOVE new p^ssy, The sooner women accept this fact the better. Not saying he doesn’t love Savannah ( of course he does). But men will sneak away from time to time just out of pure boredom. They also like power.. which explains why these bball players are dealing with chicks who are socially and financially inferior. If this chick was smart.. she would keep quiet and collect those checks. No need in trying to have morals now.

    • Coffy Brown

      That’s what you get when you marry a boring bitch – If you really want to keep it one hunnit – there a re a lot of women in the world who keep it tight and fresh for their man and they actually are not cheating at all because what they have at home is everything they need 9 get to know that 80/10 rule)- – Im just sayin if a man aint ready to commit 100 percent – then dont make shit official – just let it be – but stop givin these side hoes hope – because they will never have what they truly want – and a lot of women deal with it for the kids – once that fizz has popped – what other reasin is there to stay – she can leave , keep her lifestyle and the kids – and the end he ends uop right where he started – fucking with disloyal – non-trustworthy actin up hoes! Bitches love new dick – but not all women in a relationship cheat – just like all men dont!