Lebron James Has A Secret Love Child And It’s Not with Savannah?

Meet Sharon Reed, a journalist, news reporter and the alleged baby mother of Lebron James.

The two met in Cleveland, Ohio where King James once played basketball, and where Sharon Reed worked for the news station WOIO.

Apparently she has been Lebron’s side piece for a LOOOOONG time, dating back to when he was the star NBA player for the

Cleveland Cavaliers.  Rumor has it, that Lebron took good care of Sharon financially when he was in Ohio.

Starting new beginnings, James decided to go to Miami and play with the Heat. Moving forward and focused starting his new life in Miami with his family leaving his past in Cleveland, drama and all. Ironically everything but Sharon. Sharon kept the romance going, flying to Miami visiting Lebron. Pursuing a “someone else’s man” and by all means necessary. Word on the street is one of those visits Sharon and Lebron James conceived a baby.

“All of a sudden Sharon popped up single and pregnant” while still anchoring the news at WOIO.  Sources claim she staged an imaginary fiancé, to keep the secret romance going and not to expose James.

The rumors swirled so much at her job that they fired her while she was on maternity leave.  The single mother hasn’t found another job yet because she has access to Lebron and all of his millions, allegedly being paid quite well to lay low!

Lebron must really love Savannah finding a sidepiece that looks like his main girl.  Bron Bron do better!!

Sharon looks exactly like Savannah.

This explains the sudden marriage proposal to long term high school sweetheart Savannah,  after  2 kids with her already.

“The Station fired Sharon on maternity leave because she has a morals clause in her contract.  Word from management is that a few years back she  asked to do sports for the station besides her regular duties because she was trying to get close to Lebron.  The Cavaliers had words with WOIO to keep her away because the Lebron situation was getting out of hand.  Then Lebron left Cleveland so everyone thought it was over til she popped up pregnant.

Word on the street is Lebron has paid a lot of money to keep her quiet, and will not even consent to taking a paternity test.

Sources say Lebron has LRMR, his PR company that was created to take the heat for situations such as this.

Savannah DID have an abortion in the midst of all this, more heart breaking for Savannah, Sharon has a baby girl.

Lebron felt like it wouldn’t look good for his career for Savannah to be popping out all these kids, and him not stepping up to marry her.

Savannah always wanted a little girl too.. SMH!!!

On another note, the same source say

“D.Wade is acting like he is with his ex-wife Siovaughn  is because she evidence of his

steroid use. Enjoying the lifestyle and things his girlfriend Gabby is willing to do to keep him happy.

Allegedly they had a threesome with A.J. Johnson from House Party.  She’s filth! “

These dudes suddenly become champions, and all their business is out! Do better!!! That whole trio from the Heat is SCANDALOUS. Bosh, Wade and Bron got so many skeletons in their closet it looks like a Thriller video.

This should get interesting..

Updated information:

Sharon Reed now lives with in Miami with her baby girl , she once worked as a reporter/anchor for WSVN-TV.

Sharon Reed seems to like and pursue married men, rumored to have dated Robert De Niro, Bill Cosby (yes Bill) and Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb.


Love U LSA

  • Mohammad Ali

    She looks nothing like Savannah, Savannah is super duper hot sauce,mmmh!!

  • Hew Matts

    He is just too punk to own it. 
    I would fight this guy in the street I am so angry with him.
    “I will not rest until I bring a championship to Cleveland” he boldly announced to us while getting “330” carved on his now branded skin that he did himself…. only later tel us the 330 really mean Akron and he was leaving us because “kids from Cleveland used to laugh at us in Cleveland”. 
    This was after he was a pro.
    Own something LeBron.
    3 THREE three … children and no ring for the mothers of your 2 children but you gush over your 1 nba ring and a trophy in S.I.
    House 8itches don’t talk I guess. 
    LeBron is a slave owner. 

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      I would love a picture of his “alleged child” and when we spoke of this before they shut us down!

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  • John Barrow

    First, you would have to actually see her daughter. I do believe her daughter has BLUE eyes. JUST like her REAL father. And another thing…did you go to school for journalism? This article is awful.  

  • Nadia

    A tasteless and poorly written article. Let the woman enjoy being a new mother! Of course these allegations are false. 

  • Westbrick

    Oh my god, the author of this article is hideous. 

    • Stacey

      didn’t u learn if you don’t have anything nice to say then shut the fuck up…..westbrick

  • Only1Blanca

    Far from surprised about the allegations because these men aren’t men nowadays (for the most part) and these women are money hungry bitches (once again for the most part) and want things that are already taken for whatever motive they have in the back of their mindless brains (usually money based). SMDH These people don’t respect themselves but the idol worship keeps them afloat.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      so very true!!!!! anything for a come up on someone else’s expense

  • Davideden

    Check out the deposition she gave in a lawsuit against the station in another matter. It’s the bomb.

    • Medusasunshine

       Where is it @6ab69c7e46e26ff5924e52974ddf313e:disqus ??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EFUG2PACUMJICJHNHPVZ2WRWGM Tsl Ink

    lebrons hometown is akron, not cleveland…stupid fkng turd

    • Tee

      well if you don’t attached C-town to it, NO ONE WILL KNOW WERE OR WHAT the hell Akron is!

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  • Apple

    This lady looks just like his fiance 

    • Stacey

      she does thats weird 

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  • http://www.shopdowntown7thave.com/ LaTasha

    What!!!  Oh my goodness.  I’m speechless.

  • Stacey

    money bitches and hoes smh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 

  • Stacey

    bill cosby what a hot freggin mess,