Lebron James and Sprite to Launch Limited Edition Flavors


Lebron James and Sprite will be creating his own limited edition flavors, which will be made available sometime this month. ”Sprite 6 Mix” by LeBron James is traditional lemon-lime combined with additional cherry and orange flavors. Check out his new McDonald’s commercial with Johnny Manziel inside.

lebronsprite2 spritelebron1



  • Venessa Thomas

    CONGRATS. Eye don’t drink sodas, but eye love my Floridian team!!

  • Coffy Brown

    Never have been and never will be a heat fan – But I love LeBron’s work ethic – he handles his biz and his fam is always well taken care of -Still hoping SAvannah gets that Girl this time around – Congrats to him for the new campaign!

  • CosmoBeauty

    Bless this Brotha and his beautiful black family!! Just wish it was a healthy drink but if Nike & Mikey can have Niccaz killing each other over Air Jordan’s then Coca-Cola & Bron can keep Niccaz unhealthy with that carbonated sugar-water! ijs

  • http://www.calvinblanco.com/ Calvin Blanco

    I’m so happy for all of Lebron’s success.