LeBron James and Friends Recruiting Groupies In Canada ?


Everyone wants to look at Lebron and say that he is a good dude, good boyfriend and father, one that is about to get married to his long time sweetheart. Rumors have always swirled of Lebron cheating even possibly fathering a child with one jump off. Of course Lebron has a good PR Team so he got that rumor to be hush, hush, but now new information is surfacing of him being in Toronto, Canada this weekend and him and his crew getting turned all the way up by recruiting different groupies for the weekend.



Lebron came to Toronto to host a party, but let’s be real, Lebron doesn’t need any hosting funds, he specifically came here because in Canada the media doesn’t follow you like they do out here in the states. LeBron’s friends were actively recruiting girls at the Caribana parade yesterday for an after party at Thompson Hotel. Mind you , Drake and Lebron are BFF’s now. Talk about scandalous and I mean his wedding is almost a month away and now this surfaces. I mean it does make sense because the OVO festival is going on and drake is in town for the festivities and him and bron are of course partying together and he left with a plethora chicks as did Lebron. They were making sure that people weren’t snapping any pictures of the NBA player. If they caught you, you were kicked out!… Lebron is a private ho, Am I surprised? NBA players live up to their name.. NBA= Never Bang Alone…they always bring their friends. Yes everyone can say oh, Savannah should leave, but we all know that is not happening… She knows the rules by now…. These broke hoes who want to catch  a million dollar man.  She’s got one!



bon bon1

Love these people!

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  • Coffy Brown

    Fuck it, when you marry a nigga, you marry him knowing who he has been and what you believe he is capable of! Every man is capable of cheating, and sometimes it just is what it is! You either roll with ya nigga or without him – other than that, who cares anymore. If you want to be monogamous, then be, if not then dont – life is for living, and people are grown enough to choose how they want to live, so just let em.. Long as they ain’t murdering, raping and snatching kids up or some other bullshit crime, let them do them! ya dig, they have to live with their choices, not us #IJS

  • mb

    Why are people surprised? Men cheat, Lebron cheats. Is Savanna going to leave him or call off the wedding? Of course not, I’m not sure why this is blog worthy information.

  • Gigi

    I believe all of this LeBron seems so fake to me.

  • Venessa Thomas

    They all got side pieces, even I do #RealTalk