Lebron and Savannah Are Expecting Their Third Child ?

image (1)All star weekend was in full effect and it appears that Lebron and Savannah have been keeping a little secret from us! We were first questioning if Savannah was pregnant at the GQ event the other night, but Chris Bosh’s wife actually made the mistake of spilling the beans on IG with her “Savannah is glowing” statement.

Why couldn’t Adrienne let Savannah be great and announce her own pregnancy? I swear the shade is real, you can always tell the ones envious of you literally, but her stylist, best friend etc have all been hinting on IG about Savannah having a glow about herself…. Mind you they got married back in September, and Savannah lost all that weight only to get pregnant probably while on their honeymoon. You can see Lebron watching his wife’s stomach inside….

lebron savannah

You can definitely see it right here.. Man congratulations, I hope it’s a girl for them because when Lebron took a picture with Chris Bosh’s daughter Trinity, he did reference that he needed a little girl in his life… Savannah growing mid-section, the glow and all. Congrats to the James! All we are waiting for is the actual confirmation, but trust she is pregnant.. Savannah looks gorgeous… This is the only NBA wife that I like…. Slaying !

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  • Coffy Brown

    Congratulations to the both of them – LeBron is a man – men have dicks and they need to be used – i dont hink the baby will stop him from cheating – if that’s the case then why aren;’t the two boys they already have enough to make him stop – he won’t – but I def wish them the best – I do love them together!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye knew she was pregnant, but Lebron is NEVER gonna stop cheating. Eye wouldn’t…he know where home is…

  • cottenkandi

    I like them together too cute.

  • mb

    Do you think Lebron will stop cheating now that they have another baby on the way?

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      LOL @MB probably while she is pregnant and not add any stress so she won’t lose the baby.. But after that.. NO!!! She has been accepting of this all this time, I’m pretty sure it won’t stop anytime soon…