Leaked Script Shows What Advisers Want Donald Trump to Say During Visit To Black Church

November is fast approaching, and Donald Trump can no longer dip and dodge the opportunity of speaking to African-Americans; instead of at them.  Trump has previously ignored or declined the invitations from the NAACP, black churches, and community organizations.

Trump and his team now realize they cannot win the election without the votes of the two minorities that he saves his harshest rhetoric for – Blacks and Latinos.

Trump will attend a church service in Detroit and answer a prepared list of questions from the church’s pastor, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson in a private interview.

The QUESTIONS  are scripted is not the issue, this is done in many interviews. This is to minimize those off the cuff answers that could cause social gaffes or damage to the interviewee’s reputation.

Thus resulting in damage control by some harried, and underpaid publicist.

But what is different, and frankly unprecedented about this “sit down” is that Trump’s ANSWERS to the 12 questions have also been scripted.
The New York Times obtained the eight-page leaked script of questions and prepared answers for his Saturday visit to the African-American church of Bishop Jackson in Detroit, where he will tape a one-on-one, private interview with Bishop Jackson. In response to a prepared question about whether the campaign is racist, Trump was advised to not repeat the word and rather say: “Coming into a community is meaningless unless we offer an alternative to the horrible progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in America.” The document also includes the exact wording of answers the aides are proposing for Mr. Trump to give to questions about police killings, racial tension and the perception among many black voters that he and the Republican Party are racist, among other topics. The official said the answers could change based on feedback from the black Republicans they are consulting with.
UPDATE: Since the release of the leaked script the Trump camp has now announced that he will actually address the congregation for 5 or 10 minutes. Will Trump take questions from the audience, will this speech be scripted also, will he use a teleprompter so he doesn’t go off script and end up pissing those black folks off? Hmmmmmm!

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  1. It’s funny(strange) to me that in my opinion, anytime something that Donald Trump says sounds like it makes sense, it sounds like somebody else wrote it for him, in my opinion. PEACE!!!

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