Lauren London Confirms Her Relationship With Nipsey Hussel




Back in February we told you about these two possibly dating, they’ve been spotted together all over L.A., going on tour with him and being mentioned in one of his songs.   Lauren finally confirmed her relationship with rapper Nipsey Hussle by posting him as her MCM. Seeing as this is the first relationship she’s publicly claimed, remember she was with Trey on and off for like 4 years and never even hinted towards a thing.

Meanwhile, he made ”Fumble” for her and talking about how she was one of the only 2 women he’s ever loved.



I guess you know it’s real when you confirm it on Social Media…  There are rumors of her being possibly pregnant… So, we will see!

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    1. Not private enough she’s got ratchet taste in men. She lost me after Lil’ Wayne and the three babies, including her, he was having at the same time. But best wishes to them

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