Lady Gaga’s Album “ARTPOP” Now Selling For $4.99

Lady Gaga 2013

You can say that people are pretty much over Lady Gaga and her theatrics, Her album ARTPOP dropped just last month and they already slashed the prices down tremendously to $4.99. . Amazon sells Katy Perry’s “Prism” CD for 15 bucks, Britney Spears’s new “Britney Jean” for $11.99, Eminem’s hit “MMLP2″ for $16.88, and the new One Direction collection for $19.46. Even with the deep discount, sadly I’m still not buying it.

Lady Gaga’s $4.99 download isn’t exceptional, but it’s about as low as you can go without just tossing the albums in a recycle bin. Meanwhile, iTunes has left ARTPOP at a full price of $14.99. It’s dropped to number 20 after three weeks.

The amazon sale helped ARTPOP stay in the overall Top 10 this past week and even increase sales a bit according to the hitsdailydouble chart. Last week ARTPOP sank 81% after one week, so Universal Music had to do something.




  • Coffy Brown

    Roflmao – Down goes GaGa.. lmao

  • Venessa Thomas

    She should stop stealing and hating and not paying her debts

  • Gigi

    Sad thing is Lady Gaga is actually really talented but she relied on controversy & gimmicks to establish her as a star and now it is backfiring.

    • Kia Soto


  • mb

    I heard Britney Spears first week sales were only 108,000 copies.