Lady Gaga’s Album Art Cover For “ARTPOP”



Lady Gag a unveils her album cover art for her new album “ARTPOP”, which will be dropping in a month. She debuted the Jeff Koons-designed artwork via a billboard in Times Square on Monday. A naked sculpture of Gaga grabs her breasts while covered by a Jeff Koons gazing ball.

This looks so much like a Nicki Minaj replica… Gaga needs a hit and needs it fast. The album is due Nov. 11 featuring the hit single “Applause,” plus the tracks “Manicure,” “Swine,” “Sex Dreams,” and “Jewels and Drugs” featuring Too $hort, T.I., and Twista.


  • Coffy Brown


  • Venessa Thomas

    That album is gonna sell millions!!

  • Gigi

    This sure does look Nicki minajish looks just like her perfume bottle.Gaga wasted all her shock value too soon because no matter how hard she tries to be different and weird to create buzz people are so use to it by now. She needs a new strategy because her songs aren’t catching like they use to.