Lady Gaga Scheduled To Sing In Outer Space In 2015




According to Us Weekly, Gaga  is making plans as we speak to become the first artist to sing in outer space. The magazine reports that she will leave Earth’s atmosphere in early 2015, by way of a Virgin Galactic ship, where she’ll perform one of her many hits.

“She has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere,” says “a source,” who adds that Gaga will be joined by her glam squad and other members of her entourage.

The out-of-this-world gig will happen in conjunction with New Mexico’s Zero G Colony festival, a three-day showcase highlighting cutting-edge technology. Gaga’s historical performance is set to happen at dawn on the third day of the fest, which will be held at Spaceport America. Virgin Galactic’s first-ever commercial flight is reportedly scheduled to blast-off approximately six months before Lady Gaga plays space explorer.

This is the day Jesus will come back. Prepare for Armageddon.