Lady Gaga Accused of Rigging Youtube Views?


I didn’t know you could even do that, but apparently it has been done and critics are slamming Gaga over it. Gaga has been tweeting out links to her fans, urging them to watch her video for views.Fans are accused creating playlists which included only ‘Applause’ and playing these on a loop, adding huge numbers of views to the star’s comeback track.

Bill Werde, the editorial director of Billboard took an issue with a now-deleted tweet from Gaga urging fans to watch her new video and ask others to do the same, he has put her on BLAST. I think this has to do with her silent competition with Katy Perry who has basically beaten Gaga on the charts with her new single “Roar”. While in the U.K. her single Applause has been struggling to reach the top five… Then of course we can’t forget her Twitter meltdown about Perez Hilton…  Since she will be the opening act for the VMA’s, hopefully this will help her sales. The struggle is real..


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  • Venessa Thomas

    Man. errrrbody trying to beat Rihanna!!