Kylie Jenner and Tyga Are In The “Getting To Know Each Other” Stage Of Their Relationship ?


So it’s safe to say that Tyga and Kylie could officially together, it seems like since Tyga’s split from Blac Chyna him and Kylie have been getting pretty cozy with one another, they were seen leaving he Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurant yesterday hand-in-hand as they walked to their waiting car, with Tyga also heading into the same vehicle.

Kylie, , was dressed to impress in a loose-fitting white t-shirt which she teamed with a pair of thigh-high boots and of course her sister Kendall was along shaporoning because Kylie is still 17 years old and a minor in the eyes of California. They posted the above picture with the caption: : “Try getting to know someone before making assumptions.”

Crazy if this is true, for Blac Chyna to befriend the family to have one of them take her man….. Damn shame, beside there is no reason for all these grown men to hang around teenage girls. It is disgusting.