Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Regret

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We all do things that we one day regret- for the reality star Kim Kardashian, her biggest regret is her sex tape. The irony is most people believe Kim’s claim to fame is from her sex tape. Recently she opened up to Love Magazine about her sex tape with Ray J, and says that.


“If I do have one regret in life that’s it,” the 34-year-old reality star said.

In the interview Kim gave to Love magazine she also talked about her favorite sex position and saying no man is too big…..

“from the back” and says there’s no such thing as a man being “too big.”



5 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Regret

  1. Exactly!! She regrets it, but things worked out in her favor, don’t regret it Kim, It made you who and what you are…Human and rich!!

  2. I love Kim, she’s a sweetheart and is making that money, regardless of the harshness, she has huge fanbase, she slays every time she walks out of her home!

  3. I can understand why her biggest regret is her sex tape, nobody wants to gain fame in a negative light, but it’s like you said Kia Soto, if it wasn’t for the sex tape, she might not be famous at all, since that is her first “claim to fame”. PEACE!!!

  4. The irony of that regret and this interview. Sex Kim sex kim naked sex kim bootay sex kim kim sex bootay sex..someone stop please…sex Kim kim sex.

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