Kim Kardashian West Channels Marilyn Monroe for Vogue Brazil


Everybody’s favorite reality tv star turned media darling, Kim Kardashian West is set to cover her third issue of Vogue next month. This cover will be for the June issue of Vogue Brazil  and with her platinum locks and curvy figure you can ‘t help but to compare her to that other famous blond jumpoff vixen, Marilyn Monroe. Kim even speaks out in the article about all the people who claim that she is “talentless”, saying “I challenge anyone to try to do everything I do and then tell me whether or not I have talent,” Not sure if she clarified in the article on what it is exactly that she does so much of, maybe we will just have to wait for the issue to come out to find out. Either way you can’t knock this girls hustle, for someone who does “nothing” so well, her and her family sure know how to keep themselves in the public eye.