Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Basics With New Hair Color, Her Identity Thief Sentenced To Jail!


Kim has went back to her roots for her new hair color and I must say it looks great. Kim made her debut as a Blonde back in September three months after having North and everyone was literally on the fence about it… Then eventually we got used to it… She uploaded her new look on Instagram and also stepping out in LA yesterday.


Khloe, Kylie and Kim all went shopping yesterday to Naimie’s beauty centre, Kim once again chose her new favourite outfit style, featuring a crop top and a high waisted skirt. In other news, the man who stole Kim Kardashian’s identity and tried to transfer thousands of dollars from her bank accounts has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in federal prison . Luis Flores, Jr. gained access to Kim’s personal information, including credit card and social security numbers and then changed some of her accounts to his personal accounts.

Flores also victimized Kris Jenner. Flores was able to get a total of $71K transferred from Jenner’s account to his, but it’s unclear how much he got from Kim.

Flores ordered replacement cards to his address, and that’s how he was nabbed.bFlores didn’t just stop at Kim and Kris. He also stole the IDs of Robert Mueller, former Director of the FBI, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates and others.

These criminals clearly don’t think this out too very well when they send replacement cards to their address. Like where do you think the cops are gonna come looking first, but he was a smart one to even touch the First Lady, Vice President and the FBI!

Stuff like this is damn scary though..

  • Coffy Brown

    Damn she is fat – and Khlow is looking right oniony in that frame up top

  • Venessa Thomas

    They both have gained some weight