Kim Kardashian Attends a Baby Class with Scott, Claims Kanye Is Gay ?

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Ummmmmm, isn’t Kanye suppose to be attending these with her? I mean Kanye has already finished his album, so what’s the problem. But it’s nice that Scott is playing daddy for a day.  The gloves have come off. Who ever planted this story on Kanye is in some ish!

Intouch Weekly claims that Kim is suspected of Kanye being gay after the Met Ball. Rumor swirl that Kanye and head designer of Givenchy Riccardo Tisci are screwing that is why he designed that hideous dress for Kim…..


InTouch magazine is making some pretty strong accusations that after the Met Ball on May 6, Kim saw comments online that claimed that openly gay Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, who designed her floral gown, purposefully tried to make Kim look bad because he’s in love with Kanye. The report claims that Kim went online and read the speculation from commenters that Kanye was gay. “Kim freaked out,” the source says. “If it turns out that Kanye is involved with Riccardo, she will be utterly embarrassed — more so than she’s ever been in her life. InTouch claims that Kanye has been living down the street from the fashion designer in Paris and that they spend countless hours at Kanye’s apartment. “Kanye is obsessed with Ricardo,” the insider claims. “They have a very deep bond.”

Keep in mind, Kanye serenaded Kim at the Met Ball and called her awesome, he’s always showering her with gifts and they are house hunting together! Kris plays dirty, but she better watch herself. She may come up short messing with Ye since he’s in tight with the Carter’s. Them “n*ggas in Paris” can play dirty on a whole new level. Kanye wanted out of the contract with Kim and Kris is not having it = shit just hit the fan.We all know Kris is the one that leaks this bs to these rags. She has a personal relationship with several of them. This is just sad.. Kanye should never say no one tried to warn him!


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  • MrsGrapevine

    Several how profile people with respectable careers in the fashion industry have said that Kanye and Riccado Tisci are more than just friends. I doubt Kim Jenner leaked this one, sounds like the tabloid made up a new story based on old rumors and that hideous dress. The two worked together on Kanye’s fashion and spent many hours together in Paris. That doesn’t mean he’s gay, but when the industry and not tabloids are talking, it’s kind of hard to ignore.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Kim’s desperate and dilusional

  • curvaceous

    Shake my head

  • KiaSoto

    does kim think she is that fab that kanye is gay over him just not wanting to be around her?

    • mb

      Why assume Kim or Kris has something to do with this? There were comments everywhere making this claim, especially after the Met Gala. However, I don’t believe it, I think him and Riccardo are friends especially in the fashion world.

  • mb

    It’s no secret that Kanye is friends with Riccado Tisci so I’m not understanding where this coming from. How would Kanye be in a relationship with Kim and dating Riccardo? Where was Riccardo when Kanye was impregnating Kim K? Besides Kanye serenading Kim at the Met Gala, he flew her to Paris and she was front row along with Riccardo at Kanye’s fashion show last year.

    • KiaSoto

      if u ask me kris is trying her best to say anything to FORCE kanye to be around kim more and its just not gonna happen

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Mbarnes boo this is from Intouch Weekly and at the end of the day someone is trolling to say what’s been said. In the end this has been a rumor about them for a minute.. so don’t blame the messenger!