Kim K, Oprah, Kanye and Diddy Party Together with Jimmy Iovine

kim oprah kanye diddy

Kanye and Kim enjoy a fun filled night with Oprah and Diddy at Jimmy Iovine’s  private birthday party for his girlfriend, Liberty Ross’ last night  in LA.  Several celebrities and music executives attended this private event. Oprah, Mick Jagger, Gayle King, Diddy, Kanye and Kim all seem like they had a blast last night Saturday September 21, 2013.  Friday night Kim and Kanye hung out with rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna, but there is different levels to this celebrity stuff (LOL).  Kim posted this picture on her instagram with the message, Oh no big deal, joking – but seriously Kim knows  is a big deal! The queen of media and one of the most successful reality star hanging out in LA  for Jimmy Iovine’s girlfriend Liberty Ross’ birthday party.

Oprah also shared pictures of her and Sean Diddy Combs and Kanye, and Mick Jagger

oprah mick jagger

Oprah’s first time meeting Mick Jagger and she added Yes he dances like Mick Jagger

Oprah kanye diddy

Diddy, Oprah and Kanye all smiles!! Love this picture

If you can remember Liberty Ross actress from Snow White who was married to director Rupert Sanders, who cheated on her with Kristen Stewart.

Looks like Liberty upgraded with Jimmy Iovine.



  • Coffy Brown

    Lovin the pics! It looks like they had a lot of fun!!!

  • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    Love these pictures.

  • mb

    I love the picture of Oprah, Kanye & Diddy! Yep, looks like a party for rich people only!

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  • Starstruckpress

    Oprah is loooking good!!!

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  • ak

    Man I hate I couldn’t make it!!!! Bahahahaha! Next year tattle tailzz will have an invite! !!!

  • Blake Carringhton

    Money Respects other Money if you have it doesn’t matter how you got it! This the kind of Party that if you made the guest list you are relevant, a star, and you are wealthy…

  • Venessa Thomas

    Kim and Oprah???? Oprah is getting insecure or some shit

  • Nicola Gossips

    Rich folks hanging out together. Not surprised.

  • KiaSoto

    Queen of Reality and Queen of Media!!