Khloe Kardashian Responds to Adrienne Bailon : “FDB”

khloe-adrienneKhloe Kardashian is riding for her brother Robert after Adrienne Bailon’s interview with Latina Magazine talking about Rob being¬†Disloyal… And can’t get away¬†from the Kardashian curse.. Well Kim Kardashian had this to say to her:



If that wasn’t enough, Khloe came in and said a few things herself, especially since they were friends after the break up and even came to her wedding when she married Lamar and when Kim married Kris Humphries, so I would be pissed too…

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I’m sure Trina thought they were cool as well… But that’s neither here nor there!



  • gphi

    I think that she’s(Adrienne Bailon) jus’ using this entire situation to try to stay relevant, as today’s younger generation puts it…bad try though. PEACE!!!

  • EricaKane

    LOVE the shade at the end, Elle! LOVE IIIIIIT!!

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Thanks Hun @ericakane