Khloe Kardashian Responds to Adrienne Bailon : “FDB”

khloe-adrienneKhloe Kardashian is riding for her brother Robert after Adrienne Bailon’s interview with Latina Magazine talking about Rob being Disloyal… And can’t get away from the Kardashian curse.. Well Kim Kardashian had this to say to her:



If that wasn’t enough, Khloe came in and said a few things herself, especially since they were friends after the break up and even came to her wedding when she married Lamar and when Kim married Kris Humphries, so I would be pissed too…

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I’m sure Trina thought they were cool as well… But that’s neither here nor there!



  • gphi

    I think that she’s(Adrienne Bailon) jus’ using this entire situation to try to stay relevant, as today’s younger generation puts it…bad try though. PEACE!!!

  • EricaKane

    LOVE the shade at the end, Elle! LOVE IIIIIIT!!

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Thanks Hun @ericakane