Keyshia Cole Talks, Boobie Cheating Ways, New Reality Show and Being in a Better Place With The Breakfast Club

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Keyshia Cole sat down with my three favorite people this morning to talk about her new projects, family and filing for divorce from estranged husband Daniel Boobie Gibson…. Keyshia talks about her newest single “She” ┬áis not about Lesbianism, but more about self love…. “OKAY Keysh” … Keyshia also went on to talk about Boobie not wanting to sign the divorce papers, but she says that he should of thought about that before he cheated… Oh, he also cheated right before they got married and she gave him a pass…… Which is her fault because you saw from the beginning…

Keyshia recorded her album while she was (drunk), but has no idea why her singles aren’t doing well, she says she wants to make sure people want the whole album not just singles, this will be the last album for Interscope, doesn’t really like the label.. Check out some cliff notes below:


Very close with Remy Ma

Keyshia is not dating but would like to, the rumor about her dating Birdman are false, She doesn’t want a dude courting her by using the bible because that’s how Boobie got her and she wants to be best friends with whomever she settles down with
– adrian marcelle (?) is on tour with her. she has her son on the road with her too.

– Taping a reality show, doesn’t really want to include the family.

– Loves working with Manny again, relationship is in a good place

– Keyshian admits to hitting Daniel after he cheated and Then he took it. Cheated before they got married, she gave him passes until the third time.

– Album coming after all the videos are done.

When someone shows you who they are…believe them. Only a fool would marry a BOYFRIEND who cheated. …that shows her own self worth that she thought she couldn’t do better …and married a man who couldn’t even be a faithful at level 1. Keyshia needs therapy.. That is all I got from this interview, but hopefully everything goes well for her…

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