Keyshia Cole Still Throwing Shade at Michelle a Week Later!!


A week after her Twitter fiasco when she was hating on Michelle Williams… She came back on  to ask if people were still mad? LOL… How lame of her… That is why you see where her career is NOW… No where.. I mean would she just log off and sign on to Career Builder already, god damn?  Did Boobie get released from his contract? This chic is pressed! Check the tweets inside.





Then Twitter came for her… They had no mercy!!! LMAO




LMAO at her being outside of the Grammy’s selling fish plates…. DONE!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Why doesn’t she like Michelle? Michelle is so quiet and sweet

  • Mercedes-Makeda Nicole Jacobs

    I don’t understand , Keyshia keeps going on, Im starting to think its not her postings, I mean yes Keyshia is frm the hood but she’s more professional than tht. Will I thought .

  • Spilldabeanz

    Lmaooo!!! dude called KC a bird!!..but seriously though Keysh..give it a rest!