Keyshia Cole Freestyles About Cheating Rumors On “Loyal”



Keyshia Cole addresses rumors of cheating on her new Freestyle with Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne, remaking Chris Brown’s song called Loyal. She talks about a cheating man, which is more than likely about her husband Danny Boobie Gibson saying: “What we had was so real and you let it all go, go down the drain … These ni**as ain’t loyal/ These bitches can’t do nothing for you” ..This is the keyshia I fell in love with!

I must say this goes hard, this taking me back to the Just Like you, I changed my mind days…. LOVE, LOVE…


6 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Freestyles About Cheating Rumors On “Loyal”

  1. Keyshia is a handful or two .. sometimes three – but I love her music – Dont like her grand standing too much and her attitude sucks at times – but o;l girl has been through a lot – and she is still young – all we need to know is Keyshia aint done yet – and if you want the good, just know that it comes with the bad and ugly! Love her or hate her – either or

  2. Eye love her voice and her music..eye think she’s pretty but her attitude SUCKS…Eye still buy all of her albums because eye’m a fan. Eye just wish she would change her attitude and poker face and stop be so negative

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