Keyshia Cole Blocks Fan On Twitter For Complimenting Her Husband


Keyshia Cole is the true definition of an insecure woman, last week was her birthday so naturally she started flaunting the gifts that her husband brought for her, which we didn’t care about so we never posted, but a fan recently tweeted Keyshia about her hubby and when she told the singer she had a great husband and she needed to treat him well, Keyshia decided to block her.


Then she responds:


Keyshia is such a bird chick you are* or you’re* I absolutely LOATHE when people use your when they mean you’re. Keyshia Cole is such a basic, annoying and ugly hoodrat. Clearly she has esteem issues, she was stating that Keyshia has a good man and she needs to learn how to treat him, which I see no lies told. Everyone could tell from the reality show that she treats that man like ish.  I see why her career would forever be on ICE.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    i cant STAND keyshia. that man she married is fine as HELL. and if he’s treating her good & she’s NOT treating HIM good, she will DEFINITELY LOSE HIM. The Lord Giveth & the Lord Taketh Away ….. LOL
    nowadays good brothaz ARE HARD TO FIND. Plenty of beautiful women out here who KNOW what to do with a good brotha, so that DUMB SICKENING BITCH BETTA WISE UP if she’s f–uckin’ up …..
    all she had to do with that girl who gave her a compliment is say “I will, thank you” & leave it as that – she blocks the broad #STUPID #JEALOUS #BIRDBITCH

  • Coffy Brown

    Are we even surprised!?! Im not

  • Venessa Thomas

    Is Keyshia bipolar??

  • Gigi

    I completely agree and sometimes women don’t want to hear the truth. But a lot of relationships and marriages don’t last because people refuse to address their own issues before entering a relationship and that brings more drama. That is clearly what I see with Keyshia.

  • Nic

    It’s “you’re” Keyshia.