Kevin Hart Talks About Marrying His Boo Emiko



Kevin Hart revealed to Power 106 that he is ready to marry his longtime girlfriend that he cheated on his wife with, he says that she has proven herself and he knows that time is ticking… I mean it’s been 5 years…..

“It’s definitely in my future. I got a good one. I wish I could sit up here and lie and say that it hasn’t been talked about and ‘oh my god there’s no way’ but we’ve got some years in. We’re going on almost five years pretty soon.

She’s definitely proven herself, she’s there for me, I know that she loves me. She’s stepped up and taken a role in my life as well as my kids its a beautiful thing.

So it’s something that definitely in talks.”


I wish them the best… He may as well…. He is at the top of his game right now…. Ride Along will be in theaters Friday…




  • mb

    I had no idea that they’ve been together that long.

  • Coffy Brown

    Wishing them the best – Its really cool to see he can move on with his jump off and still have a civil and cordial relationship with the kids mom – They are like the modern day Will and Jada – ( In a sense anyway)

  • GigiOnThat

    She’s pretty but so taller than him

    • Coffy Brown

      Everyone is taller than him – lmao

  • Venessa Thomas

    She ‘s pretty….she’s taller than his azz too! lol

  • Gigi

    And it continues hoes stay winning in 2014 what else is new.

    • Nicola Gossips

      LOL. I have a theory that we non hoes start winning after 35/40.

      • Coffy Brown


      • Nic

        I like that theory! lol