Kevin Durant Taking A Break From Fiance Monica Wright


This the year of the ‘Break ups’ and finding yourself… Kevin Durant and his fiance Minnesota Lynx Monica Wright have decided to take a break according to sources close to the couple.


According to JocksandStilettoJill


Monica returned to the U.S. from Korea in early December, after leaving her team, KEB-Hana Bank, due to an undisclosed family emergency and never returned.

The couple spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve separately, and from the looks of things Monica hasn’t been wearing her ring lately. Then he sends cryptic message to her on Instagram:


Then she said:


Whatever caused them to part ways must have been bad, FYI keep your relationships off of social media… Because when stuff like this happens, you don’t have to go and explaining… Who, what, when, where and why!!!

  • Coffy Brown

    Damn – I just wanna know why – I didnt thin kthey would make it – but I sure gave them more time than this!

  • Nicola Gossips

    If he couldn’t keep it in his pant for the engagement, the marriage was doomed. She may as well kick him to the curb.

    I agree, celebs need not put their business out there like that. Social media isn’t for everybody, and it shouldn’t be for your personal business.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Dam that was fast!

  • Gigi

    I knew these two wouldn’t last because they seemed to get engaged way too fast. Everybody kept talking about them being the perfect love & basketball couple. With two people who are constantly on the road have to have a solid foundation if not trouble. I hope KD aint dwading out here in these streets.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      For real that would be too messed up