Kevin Durant Sues His Accountant


Kevin Durant is suing his accountant because he feels that he tried to screw him over by writing off alot of things that were not for business. The accountant’s name is Joel Elliott — claiming Elliott got him in some deep trouble with Uncle Sam over the years by trying to write off several business expenses that clearly weren’t business related.

Durant says the personal chef deduction was just one of MANY irresponsible accounting moves by Elliott that landed KD in hot water with the IRS. In fact, Durant says his tax returns from 2007 to 2011 are so messed up, he had to hire another firm to fix what Elliott screwed up. KD says the whole ordeal has cost him more than $200k — and he wants Elliott to pay. That is good that he is keeping tabs on his finances and didn’t wait until he owed millions before he fixed the situation….

  • Coffy Brown

    Now that’s what you call fiscally responsible – but you should always have an accountant watching the accountant – Im a firm believer in eyes everywhere at all times! Good Catch KD!

  • GigiOnThat

    I don’t blame him

  • Venessa Thomas

    That’s business, eye bet they all do it!!