Karrueche Confirms Chris Brown Is The Father, And Is Finally Done



Wow…enough is enough! Karrueche says she is finally done with Chris Brown and confirms that the baby is his daughter.  The model says “it’s only so much someone can take” and for Karrueche -Chris Brown having a baby with an associate/friend is the breaking point.

The model tweeted and confirmed that the baby is Chris Brown’s daughter. “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me. ”

The baby mother is a model name Nia Amey that is a friend of both Karrueche and Christina Milian…..Ooch


nia amey

Unfortunately, a young man  took to instagram saying he was heartbroken he thought the child was his daughter- and when we trolled through his instagram (which is now private) all he had was pictures of his daughter, Royalty. I feel bad for him, the baby girl  and Karrueche —this is so messy

Carry on sipping tea.

12 thoughts on “Karrueche Confirms Chris Brown Is The Father, And Is Finally Done

  1. Chris is just trying to lose what few coins he has left. Everything about his life has been one fail after another since he beat up Rihanna. Good luck to him.

  2. This is what 3sums can do. She is in pics with Kae and her crew. Kae..get a life now and move on for good

  3. I told you Nicole it was true!! He just FUCKED UP AGAIN. But that’s a fucking Taurus for your azz! First he diss his fans, now this shit!

  4. I pray for strength for all innocent parties involved – the baby the guy who thought he was the daddy and Karrueche

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