Karreuche Talks About Chris Brown Mentally Abusing Her….

karrueche chris brown

I think Karreuche is seriously done with Chris Brown, because now she is speaking out about his mental abuse tactics and how he has a great way of doing things to get under her skin.

According to TMZ.com

Sources close to Karrueche say she was referring to numerous times Chris publicly disrespected her when their on-again/off-again went south. She has numerous examples.

— Chris went on Instagram and liked pics of Yovanna Ventura, Justin Bieber’s ex, suggesting they were together.

— He Instagrammed a pic of Kendall Jenner on his lap.

— Chris plays the Rihanna card, sometimes liking her bikini pics and even wearing a necklace Rihanna gave him.

— The most recent rant on stage this past weekend, where he said,”f*** that bitch,” referring to Karrueche.

Karrueche says she’s sick of Chris intentionally making her feel bad, so she’s done for good.



9 thoughts on “Karreuche Talks About Chris Brown Mentally Abusing Her….

  1. Us Men are dogs by nature because we had to fight wars, hunt food, etc. Female dogs have a whole separate title. …”bitches” Trust me I hate hearing it but some times the term is warranted.

    1. Women fight wars too and the Lioness always hunt the food while the Lion closely watch for her protection. No shade but men aren’t dogs by nature. Dogs are dogs by nature. Men are human beings who should never accept titles such as dogs. As a matter of fact dogs are known to be more loyal than humans. God made man ruler over beast, meaning “Control.” Man have ” Control,” over their behavior some, just choose not to. I’m quite sure as a “Man,” you’ve done some beastly things in life but at the end of the day your a man not a beast. Peace & blessings.

      1. You are so right! Im happy an intelligent women responded to this. Men do have the choice to be disciplined and to follow God by nature but we start off as boys with dog like hormones and some of us just stay there. Women do fight wars but most of the time they shouldn’t have to. My mother was left to fend for me and my little sister when she was 19 and today she’s a Luitenent firefighter who still holds the record for a women doing the most pushups in the academy. All that while she was told she looked like JLO growing up. She went from a struggling Pepsi model and pharmaceutical rep who didnt want to use her looks to get her places, to one of the most strongest women my community knows. Shes no where near being wealthy but man is she Rich in power.

        Now my father isnt a bad guy. He was just a boy and after reuniting with him i realize that. My father was a real street hustler and everyone also loved him. Wherever I would go the community called me by his name and took care of me. It always felt like that was my dad. He had new cars all the time, lots of jewelry, plenty of men who worked for him, cool clothes, and lots of women! He started off very poor coming here from his country and he was with my mom during those times. Then a man came over and saw a hard working dark hispanic man with light brown hair and green eyes and said, “why is a good looking young boy like this working so hard?” From that day forth my father became a big time drug dealer. At the time he though he finally found a way to free our family but instead it broke our family. He worked so hard to keep it from us that in turn he once had to get my mom a new apartment on the fly because he had a big buyer coming into town and didnt know what to expect. When my mother left him because she wanted nothing to do with it, he was so hurt his dog like behavior kicked in. He took the money he’d been making and went to the next level. That next level was too dangerous to be around his children. As with all fast life stories, it all came to an end. One of his connection had found a new way to prepare cocaine (crack) and from then on he watched all his people crumble. Everyone on top of him and everyone under him. He had a bad feeling about it and never tried it (thats god).

        I went deep into a glimpse of my life because i wanted you to know where my beliefs come from.

        Long story short, my father hasnt been on the streets for years but he still fights hard he has had a moving company for 15 years now and is now known for the calices on his hands rather than the car he drives or the big chain around his neck. God bless you

        1. After reading your response the thought that came to mind is, everybody in your life had choices. Some chose good, some chose bad, and some chose to turn bad into good but they were all self made choices. Have you ever read the book, “The Coldest Winter Ever,” by Sister Souljah? It’s a really good read and sounds a lot like your life. Peace & blessings.

  2. Oh and shes not doomed for ever. Lol..All she has to do is apologize to him and do what Women do, kill with kindness. Shes beautiful and I’m sure she can be a good women if she tried.

  3. I love when these GIRLS do men wrong and come back with, “hes mentally abusing me..” What are we supposed to say now, “you need medicine?”. She should of just not responded and kept on with her business. Real WOMEN would never side with a child like this GIRL. Chris Browns not perfect . He’s lashing out because hes hurt but at least hes being real about it. Mentally abused my ass grow up and act like a lady. There are plenty of women who would probably want to give Chris a chance to be a good husband and father some day. Its like a power thing for these young girls now a days. They want to be able to trump the most coveted men by messing with the next and hurting both in the process. Good women know they have a responsibility to maintain their dignity. T.I. said it best during a one on one with his daughter on his old show. Women are born with all the sugar that the world wants. A man sees value in her and works hard to get some of her sugar, but if she just starts giving it out everywhere she becomes tasteless. I know women have needs just like men but they can also masturbate just like men. If you’re a female and don’t agree with me, then you probably don’t have any sugar left. I’ve had some of the most beautiful women in my life and I know women. Its hard for women to be good when men are so bad, but women need to know they hold all the organs to carry and nurture a child. Men are almost barbaric creatures who wreck everything in their path. Women just need to know how to hold it down to make a solid good man. I love when I see strong beautiful women. I was raised by 2, my mother and grandma. If you read this and strive to act like a lady with class and morales, than keep it up baby you got a real man out there ready for you. If you’ve made mistakes you can always fix the past by bettering your future. If you have a daughter make sure to teach her what shes worth.

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