Kanye West’s laptop is stolen


kanye west laptopBad news for Kanye West, late last night it was confirmed that Kanye West’s laptop was stolen while the superstar was in Paris. Malik Yusef

tweeted that the have private investigators on it now.  Should we expect a sex tape soon from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? 

Hopefully he has a password set on it to at least keep if locked, that is if they not able to hack it..Stay tuned story still developing.

5 thoughts on “Kanye West’s laptop is stolen

  1. Password or not, it can easily be hacked. I just hope he was smart enough to have everything locked elsewhere. It is a shame that people do this to famous men and women, but they should know to keep all their items safe. I mean, if I was staying n a hotel, famous or not, I would keep my laptop in a safe.

  2. Riiiiiight…..here comes the out the blue dyck pics and the updated porno. In Big Sean’s blessings song he talks about releasing pics. Bye Kanye

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