Kanye West To Re-launch His Fashion Line after APC Success

kanye west

We all know Kanye’s second love is fashion, so you must know when he launched his first collection and it bombed he was probably devastated. But now he has a new found motivation since the success of him collaborating with A.P.C. and it being sold out in minutes he wants to revive his DW (Donda West) line.

He is looking to release a new collection being Unisex for Spring/Summer 2014 , According to Vogue, the collection will comprise of 100 unisex pieces to be unveiled during the September shows. The revival could be third time lucky for Mr West – who closed his fashion label in March 2012 – after showing at Paris Fashion Week for two seasons.

Even though he moved to Rome to intern a big fashion house Fendi to study he was accused of lack[ing in] creative marksmanship,’ and his efforts were called ‘stupendously vacuous’. The Wall Street Journal wrote at the time: ‘Good thing Kanye has a day job… The only thing more painful than witnessing the dresses was watching the model pitch down the runway in shoes so ill-fitting that her spike heels were bending at angles.’ Ouch.. Well I hope that all goes well and he can be successful this time around, lord knows maybe this will bring him some sort of joy if he can take over the fashion world, but first Kanye really needs to see what appeals to the people and his collection needs to be something that will make him stand out in a good way…

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  1. Until Yeezy change is attitude I don’t think I want to support anything he has to offer

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