Kanye West talks “Jay Z’s” Samsung Deal ?

kanye1Is Kanye pissed that Jay Z nor his wife showed up for his wedding ? First he drops Jay’s name from his song “Blood on The Leaves” and now he  is trying to throw some slight shade on his deal with Samsung!

According to Page Six:
Kanye West may have been at Cannes to talk about music and celebrity endorsement deals — but he first demanded that all labels be removed from water bottles ahead of his session.
A festival source told us, “Kanye said he wasn’t going to be photographed promoting a brand if he’s not being paid for it. Organizers had to scramble to rip off the labels before his session started.”
When the discussion turned to celebrity and branding deals, as well as Jay Z’s deal with Samsung, Kanye quipped, “I am not a fan of Samsung, by the way.”
He added, “The reason I said I didn’t like Samsung is because throughout my entire life … I have to work with the No. 1, I can’t work with anyone but Jay Z…

Kanye is slowing morphing into a “DIVA” like seriously…. If that is his friend, he should talk to him about it…. I mean get a life, he keeps trying to make fetch happen but Jay is still not budging… How long before Kanye goes on a rant and starts spilling tea about the Carter’s…. ?



6 thoughts on “Kanye West talks “Jay Z’s” Samsung Deal ?

  1. At the end of that quote he calls Jay-Z and Beyonce number one and the best (there’s no beef), and that’s why he works with Jay-Z. He was giving Jay a shout-out. He didn’t diss Jay-Z in this interview. He praised him. He said Samsun wasn’t number one, Apple was, but because of Jay-Z’s deal, Dre and Apple were able to connect. He wasn’t being a diva, at all. He was nice Kanye.


  3. Death, hospitalization, sudden accident, are the only reason(s) that would’ve kept me from attending my best friend wedding. The Carter’s are fake and not Kanye’s friends. The Carter’s are bumping shoulders with the Obama’s and feel like Kanye & Kim are beneath them. They never had any intentions on attending the wedding. Getting your ass kicked by your sister-in-law in a elevator and having your PRIDE shattered is no excuse for not attending your Boi’s nuptials. That’s why Bey & Jay tickets sales are in the trash. God don’t like ugly. Moreover, Kanye needs to stfu and stop proving how big a fool he really is. Dame Dash gotta be somewhere CTFU at both these clowns because Jay And Ye betrayed him.

  4. This isn’t even the NY Post headline, their headline is the water bottle request. As for Jay Z & Beyoncé, if they were really suppose to be there and had communicated to Kanye they were coming and at the last minute did not show, I understand why he is pissed. I believe Rachel Roy is the reason they did not go. If Kanye knew in advance they weren’t coming, that’s one thing, but to cancel last minute. Stop throwing on that cape for Jay & Bey all the time.

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