Kanye West Defends Drake: “The media always trying to “pit” artists “against each other”


Kanye was in New Jersey for his Yeezus tour , while at the prudential center he took a minute to address the drama between Drake and Rolling Stone. Kanye commented on the media always trying to “pit” artists “against each other,” proclaiming, “that ain’t going down no more.” This wasn’t a rant for once, it was actually Ye’ speaking from the heart about his fellow artist that he apparently likes… Which is a breath of fresh air for once.

Kanye stopped himself for a “sidebar” on Drake’s recent tension with Rolling Stone magazine, after calling the media evil and no longer doing interviews for Magazines Kanye goes on to say that “We love Drake,” he continued. “We love every motherf–ker that puts their heart into this motherf–king music.” Catch his whole sermon below.

  • Coffy Brown

    TWU – Respect for that!

  • Venessa Thomas

    He’s right though….

  • http://jniceonthemic.com/ Janice

    I can appreciate Kanye for this. I agree with Drake and the media definitely tries to twist their words…the solutions is to obviously do less interviews with these magazines.

  • mb

    I’m glad Kanye supported Drake (even though Drake acted like a brat) because I’m sure the tabloids were going write stories that Kanye was furious with Drake. Now he turned the tables.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    Good try Kanye but Drake acted like a spoiled, entitled brat and there really is not explanation for how he behave except that he is repulsive!