Kanye Speaks About Amber Rose, Kim K, Beyonce and Confirms Tyga and Kylie Are in Love

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Kanye season is here!! Kanye West returns to The Breakfast Club, Ye talks about  Amber Rose vs Kim and  Khloe beef. Kanye confirmed Kylie Jenner & Tyga’s relationship, also when asked about his wife Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé relationship, he claims Beyoncé loves and admires Kim. Kanye also talks about his dinner with Taylor Swift, Beck’s Grammy-winning album and Dame Dash. (Listen Now)

On Amber Rose:
“If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose.” He added, “It’s very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that’s with Amber Rose. I had to take thirty showers before I got with Kim.”

On Tyga and Kylie Jenner:
“I think he got in early, I think he was smart. They are closer in age than a lot of relationships that I know. I knew Tyga was smart.”

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian relationship:
“No, they love each other. They respect each other. When Beyonce’s working on an album, she has like pictures of Kim on the wall, because Kim represents powerful women. Kim be playing ‘7/11,’ playing that video, playing it for our daughter. They definitely respect each other.”

On Beyoncé:
“I think Beyonce is a great representation of an artist working hard, and trying her best and getting the results from it.”

9 thoughts on “Kanye Speaks About Amber Rose, Kim K, Beyonce and Confirms Tyga and Kylie Are in Love

  1. I personally don’t believe Kim and Beyonce have a relationship. Pics on the wall??? He was being fucking funny

  2. I watched the interview, I think he was being sarcastic with the Beyoncé has a picture of Kim in the studio. This was a good interview minus the Tyga + Kylie conversation. With all that said at the end of the day both Kim & Amber are one in the same. Don’t slut-shame one and not the other. Some will praise Amber and bash Kim, both are the same.

    1. Seriously? The problem is that Kim had to tell him to shower. Why did he not think it was imperative to take a radioactive shower before he got with Kim. All that doo doo and sperm residue from those Arabs in Dubai didn’t appall him. Kanye thinks that he is shading Amber Rose, when all he is doing is showing me, more and more that Kanye is a gay man, who has the ability to get hard for a woman if he thinks that she can “help” him in his “artistic” endeavours.
      No gay man would put up with a man like Kanye 24-7. As would no man put up with a woman who had kanye’s disposition. Unfortunately, women put up with all kinds of effry, including sticking by men when they know deep in their hearts, the man is not pum pum inclinated. Kanye talks about women like a man who is trying look straight would. Nah, son, Kim demanded those showers because she cannot reconcile that her greed has landed her with a man who sees her and their child as objects for glorification and nothing feels as good for him as when him a get ram by Riccardo Tisci!
      I can’t tek a certain subset of black men who love women with a whorish disposition, but to them a white whore, isn’t a whore. Nobody can’t tell me that the white man doesn’t understand that this weakness is within too many black men, don’t care how the white woman stay.

      Donda West never raised that boy right. She did that “guilty single parent to a boychild” thing that I see nuff a wi do and raise them to subconciously hate women. Mi feel seh all Donda never feel good enough for Kanye. There is no rational reason why a so called intelligent woman would look three surgeries in one go, just for vanity. Not when her son has enough money to pay for chef and personal trainer. Donda never love herself and she grow one bwoy who don’t like women who have anyting fi Donda. Make of that last statement what you will.

      Oh, and I forgot my manners. Have a blessed day, everybody. And if you are feeling bad about your life…imagine, you could be Kim Kardashian, without the money. Trapped in a paradigm with a nutcase, all sake a indolence and greed.

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