Kanye Reveals He Had To Marry Kim Because She Was The ‘Number One Woman in The World’

Kim and Kanye

Kanye really loves his wife and he proved it with the comment in the title of the story… Kanye opened up about the reality star while in discussion during Cannes Lions on Tuesday.

He said: ‘I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most, I get turned on the most.’ To be honest, Kanye has never talked about any woman like this….

I can bet that he loves her way more than she loves him and this could be a good or a bad thing, giving Kanye’s mental state. Kanye West revealed it took him and new bride Kim Kardashian four days to release their first official wedding photo – because they wanted them to look as good as Annie Leibovitz’s pictures.

He said despite the photographer leaving him and Kim in the lurch, he wanted his photos look as good as Leibovitz’s because he’s still a massive fan of hers.

“I’ll tell you a little story about the Kiss photo that my girl put up,’ Kanye told a packed audience of hundreds. ‘She was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much because Annie Leibovitz pulled out of the wedding, because I think she was scared of the idea of celebrity.But because Annie pulled out, I was like “I still want my wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz’s photos” and we sat there and worked on that photo for four days – because the flowers were off-color and stuff like that.”

Kanye revealed this information while talking with Steve Stoute, Stephanie Ruhle and Ben Horowitz at a talk entitled Translation: Technology, Culture, and Consumer Adoption: Learning to Read the Cultural Landscape held at the Palais des Festivals during the biggest advertising festival in the world.

His made the comment while he backtracked regarding a previous comment when he said he ‘wasn’t a fan of Samsung’.

He said: ‘Throughout my entire life because of the way my parents raised me, I was like “I have to work with the number one”

‘I can’t work with anyone but Jay Z because that’s the number one.’

‘I can’t represent any company but Louis Vuitton because that’s the number one.’

Kanye continued: ‘Before Obama, there was Jesse Jackson, there were different people, talking about blacks particularly in America that were not allowed to drink from the cleanest fountain, to work with the best resources.

It’s like Michaelangelo told he’s not allowed to carve with marble but told he’s got to use cement or something like that.‘



I’m just trying to understand what he meant, at the above bolded caption! Anyway  he also spoke on celebrity culture, explaining: ‘I hate the one off, celebrities a lot of time are treat, because I am a lot of things but I am a celebrity and we are treated as rentable, like a one off, just enough to advertise a product and get it out.’ Stephanie Ruhle’s interjected pointing out that many celebrities put themselves in that position – ‘they make themselves for rent.’

He replied: ‘Yeah and then you’re not that one for rent, you go through 30 meetings with the owner of The Clippers you know.’

Is it safe to say that Kanye loves the idea of Kim ? Her status ? I mean this is what he should say as a new husband, but it sounds a bit cliche and vain! What happened to being in love with her qualities and how she makes him feel ? Number one woman, but he stays putting her business in his raps, bringing up her sex tape and how he beat out all the men that was in the sports world….. Bye Kanye…..


Source: Dailymail.com

  • http://tonipayneonline.com/ ToniPayne Pop Culture Updates

    He is romantic though..

  • ErikaKane

    Kanye is whipped thinking he made it over someone. Let’s keep it real, if Reggie Bush (NFL player) had asked Kim to marry him, she would have. She married whatisname (NBA player) and she would have married Ray J if he had asked her… soooo…..Kanye needs to stop it.

  • http://realentertainmentnews.com/ Real Entertainment News

    He went and got what he wanted, gotta respect him for that.

    • BU

      What did he go and get!?!?! What everyone already had!?!? GTFOH

  • http://calvinblanco.com Calvin Blanco

    i cant with this

  • mb

    Kanye had been in “lust” with Kim for years. When he speaks about her that’s all you hear.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Exactly.. Pure lust.. No love what so ever, it’s just sad!