Kanye On Bruno Mars, Fashion, Oprah and MTV Rants About Bruno Winning All Of The Awards



Kanye did his second show last night at The Barclay’s Center and he took a moment to speak on everyone from Bruno Mars to Oprah Winfrey. Kanye addressed the MTV Video Music Awards, saying producer Rick Rubin encouraged him to “just do your motherf–king song and leave.” (West performed “Blood on the Leaves” during the August awards ceremony.) Evidently he didn’t leave soon enough: “Bruno Mars won all the motherf–king awards and s–t. I truly wish Kanye would shut up already.

This is why Kim K, looks so dark in the eyes. Her expressions looks blank, hell I would be if I had to wake up and listen to him rant all the damn time, it seems as if nothing pleases this man. Kanye goes on to say:

But what I care about is if you’re an artist and you work hard as f–k and the streets say that you deserve that s–t. Then can’t no motherf–king networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherf–ker out.”

Later in his sermon, Kanye discussed his relationship with Winfrey, and the advice she offered him, which provided riffs of Kanye singing, “Oprah, it’s a new day.” The rest of his 10-minute speech includes words on his fashion career, the stigmas still in place against rap, and the reactions to his “Yeezus” album. Check out Kanye’s words from his Wednesday Barclay’s show above.

Even though he tried it, by slick shading Bruno, he knew he deserved every last award he received. That album Unorthodox Juke Box was a great album… Check his tantrum below:

It truly must be so hard to be a much bigger star in your own heard than you are in reality. Losing fans, one rant at a time.

Also a Tribe Called Quest opened for Kanye also….


All four members of the hip-hop group, including Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White, performed their classics and brought out Busta Rhymes for “Scenario.”

They will also open for Yeezus at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 24. Q-Tip says this will be the final show and will not be doing anymore.