Kanye Goes Bananas at Bonnaroo 2014

The self-proclaimed “number-one rock star on the planet” Kanye West performed last night Friday June 13, 2014 at the  Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, wearing a mask and unleashed his music and madness on the crowd. It wouldn’t be Yeezy if he didn’t bring up what happened in 2008 at Bonnaroo, started his rant targeting the press, because they are the ones who took shots at his Bonnaroo performance back in 2008.

Kim at Bonnaroo

If you can recall at the peak of his career six years ago, Kanye’s Bonnaroo set didn’t start until 4:30 a.m., which totally pissed off fans. Yeezy blamed Pearl Jam’s three-hour set for the late start, saying he was “offended” by the criticism. Yeezy accused the press of distorting the facts from the 2008 incident, Yeezy said “I did Bonnaroo six months after my mom passed. Pearl Jam went on three hours long. Where the press at? You gonna write about all these motherf—ers putting their hands in the air?”




No doubt, Yeezy is a very talented artist, fashion designer and influential person; but I think he tries to express his “conscientiousness” to his fans and some, they understand, but to an outside or non Kanye believer he appears to be mad and upset. His truth is fine but sometimes he needs to express it in a way where non believers can relate….and comprehend.

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  • CosmoBeauty

    Like POTUS said, “Kanye Is A Ass.” PERIOD!!!!!

    • KiaSoto


  • mb

    Kanye needs to take down a couple of notches. No one wants to hear rants that sound crazy! I love his music, but he needs to get a grip!

  • https://www.facebook.com/george.gaston.92 gphi

    If he would stop screaming, & talk calmly, he’d have a better chance at being understood, & sounding sane. PEACE!!!

    • KiaSoto


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  • KiaSoto

    I Like Ye but its like he wants to convince people of the truth and he is being victimized by people who don’t understand his reality