Kanye Drops Jay Z From Song While Performing! Says, I have no Brother ?


There seems to be trouble in Paradise between the once great friends, while performing at the XGames this past weekend Kanye intentionally did not say Jay’s name in the song “Blood On The Leaves”. He even switched some of the lyrics around and was sounding pretty heated when that part came up!

I wonder if this has something to do with Jay & Bey not attending the wedding festivities ? I mean it was rumored that he was supposed to be Kanye’s Best man! Check out the performances inside.

One on looker stated:
First time he did it…I was ehh that’s odd, maybe he’s just letting the crowd finish it whatever. Then he skipped his name again… Definitely obvious and intentional.

He also changes the lyrics in Blood on the Leaves from lazy to crazy and said it very angrily.



KanYe is headlining Jay’s “Made in America” festival and Donda just recently signed a deal with Roc Nation… It doesn’t mean that he still isn’t upset with his longtime friend for not coming to support him!

Interesting! The he tweets how he has no brother: