Kanye Dedicates A Song To Kim K and Rants About SNL

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I don’t understand why everytime this dude performs he has to throw in a rant or two during his set. Kanye has been in NY making rounds and having impromptu listening sessions for his new material from his upcoming album I AM GOD! Yeezy did a show at the Roseland Ball Room last night for Adult Swim Upfront.

Kanye did two live songs from his new material called ” Awesome” and “Yeezy Season” Kanye went on a rant about his upcoming appearance on SNL this Saturday saying he won’t apologize for rapping  “Fuck SNL and the whole cast” on Power. “I don’t want anyone running up on me with cameras… throwing me off  my focus and shit. I am no motherfuckin’ celebrity I ain’t gotta  humanize myself. I ain’t gotta ‘poligize on SNL. I make art!” he  continued on “Hell no, I’m not doing no motherfucking SNL skits, this is  my life. Don’t anyone to ask anything else of me. Don’t ask nothing  else of me. Mother fuckers chasing you down making you almost crash  & shit”. Kanye West is truly an emotional being. Seriously. I can’t take Kanye rants seriously because he can simply be incognegro like Prince or Sade or Adele if you want to compare him to someone modern if he really wanted to. Don’t complain about fame and then mess around with Kim K. Kanye you look like a fool doing that hypocritical ish!Watch his performance and rants here!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Kanye is what President Obama said he is, a idiot !!!!!!!!!

  • mb

    His album is NOT titled titled “I am God” that was confirmed weeks ago. This is typical Kanye West, I can appreciate him as an artist. I saw reviews from last night show and the consensus is his album is about Kim K. Yet everyday the blogs/tabloids have a different story about them, yet his album is about her!!