Kandi Doesn’t Like When People Suggest She “Marry Up”


Kandi sat down with Huffpost Live, where she discussed her disdain for people who always suggest that women with money should marry up, but  I don’t understand why people are so fixated on Kandi marrying down when Cynthia clearly did the same thing.

The difference between Cynthia and kandi  is, kandi is head over heels plus she has a ton of money so it doesn’t matter. From the episodes I’ve seen, Todd wants to work and make his own money vs. a man like Peter who just ask and take , but  hardly ever gives or puts back in the pot. Leaving Cynthia looking stressed and haggard…

But seriously,  as Black women  ” Not all black women” tend to marry or date down or not on our level. It puts us at an enormous disadvantage financially. Even our health is affected. I’ve seen examples…  If we up our standards and not be Enablers, the entire community would be in a stronger position…. But anywho check out her video below…

  • Coffy Brown

    Hey I feel her – i say go with the heart – it may put you financially at a disadvantage – but youll live longer with true love – you cant help who you fasll in love with – It’s kismet!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye’m soooo OVER dis lady