K.Michelle Goes Off In D.C. at Howard Theatre, Gets Boo’ed

k michelle

TattleTailzz Exclusive:

K.Michelle was in Washington D.C. on tour to perform at the Fillmore last night November 27, 2013, the fans who attended the show was pleased and made several comments online how great K.Michelle performed.  It appears K.Michelle  was also booked after the Fillmore to make an appearance at Howard Theatre.  According to K.Michelle the “Howard Theatre” was suppose to be an appearance only gig, not a performance.

The misunderstanding  probably came from how the promoter may have promoted it, the audience who expected to see K.Michelle perform with the Familiar Faces Go-Go band. According to a source who attended the event- said the crowd was pissed the way K. Michelle treated the D.C. crowd, “Once K.Michelle got on the mic, she said I got paid to do an appearance, not no performance, yall didn’t pay me $30,000 to perform get that bitch (referring to the female singer of the gogo band to sing) to sing.” The source also said K,Michelle went on a little rant and it was so uncalled for.

The crowd realized that K.Michelle was not performing with the Go-Go band they were so disappointed in her attitude and how she talked to the crowd, she was disrespectful and rude sources say, especially referring  to the gogo band lead singer as a bitch.  They were so disappointed saying she could have handled the situation much better, with so much more class…And come to find out the lead singer of the Go-Go ban name is Kim Michelle….

Instagram user  blkmike2k2 left a message on K.Michelle’s post with the following message:

Ur a clown for what u did last night at the Howard Theater last night. U should go back and take a class in Humbleness because GOD Don’t like ugly and ur fan base that u “had” all went out the window. U can never come back to DC and think ur gonna make some money. We stay clown free. U faking like u got all that money but then u taking bottles Putting them in ur purse leaving out the club go play in Traffic and stay outta DC. Matter of fact go use some of that money we paid u last night and take some singing classes clown



TattleTailzz reached out to K.Michelle’s team in regards to the incident and no response:

Check This Video posted on Facebook regarding the K.Michelle incident