Justin Bieber, Romeo Miller Dating Same Woman?

Justin Bieber and Romeo Miller are linked to the same model, Ashley Moore. ¬†Yesterday Justin Bieber posted a picture…of model Ashley Moore, with the caption “sometimes I wonder” moments later Romeo Miller posted a picture with Ashley, with the caption “Sometimes I wonder too.” Shortly after the picture goes viral on instagram Selena Gomez liked Romeo picture too.

The model and female in question is in Japan….so right now we are all wondering what’s going on, are they dating the same girl?¬†justin romeo


4 thoughts on “Justin Bieber, Romeo Miller Dating Same Woman?

  1. This could turn out to be one strange(& most likely unwanted) love triangle. Plus, last I read(& saw clips of online), Romeo was dating Toneata Morgan. PEACE!!!

  2. Nah, it’s now OUR TIME! Their time is over and they know it. That’s why they’re acting out on our people.

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