Judge Overturns Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension, He Will Be Able To Play Tonight

What four game suspension??  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won in his battle to have his four-game suspension overturned on Thursday. A federal judge reversed a ruling by Commissioner Roger Goodell to bench one of the league’s biggest stars in a dispute over underinflated balls he used in a January championship game. This is a huge victory for Tom Brady but a big blow to the league. Just another example of how the media, court of public opinion, and people can try to make you guilty even if you are not guilty.  The courts decided that he was innocent and he will be able to play tonight against the NY Giants.

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District Court Judge Richard Berman nullified the league’s suspension of New England Quarterback Tom Brady is allowed to play in week one of NFL season.
The decision is a huge blow for the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell, who decided to go to court to have the commissioner’s decision to uphold Brady’s suspension affirmed.
The NFL is expected to appeal the decision.

See the court documents for yourself:

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman's Decision To Nullify Tom Brady's Deflategate Suspension



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  1. I do not know if he cheated or not- I really do not care but what I care about is justice- if he was not found guilty maybe he did not cheat—- but the privilege of being white in america gets you the justice their
    forefathers granted

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