Judge O’Neill Rules Bill Cosby’s Civil Deposition Can Be Used At Trial

Bill Cosby, 79, loses another pretrial motion. Judge O’Neill has denied Cosby’s attempts to suppress the contents of his civil deposition. The judge ruled Cosby’s wrongly released civil deposition testimony is admissible at his criminal trial.

Every motion filed by Cosby’s team have been denied by Judge O’Neill, including the request for competency testing for 13 of his accusers. The judge ruled Monday that Cosby’s wrongfully released civil deposition will be allowed in as evidence.

The ruling on the deposition is one of two key pretrial issues. The judge must rule if prosecutors can use the 13 other accusers.

The strength of the prosecution’s case mostly relies on Cosby’s deposition.



Cosby has denied all accusations and pled not guilty to three counts of felony sexual assault. If convicted, Cosby is facing up to 30 years in prison and remains free on $1 million bail. The trial is set to begin June 2017.

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  1. Unfortunately Cosby should have received that promise in writing. Without that there was little hope for him.

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